El Matador Week! #CapeLyfe

It’s El Matador week here at Holla Knits! We are going to take a closer look at this bobble stitched ‘sleeve’ cape, AND the pattern is 50% off this week. That’s right! Cape it up for the rest of the summer and transition your cape to fall with this sweet cape pattern for $3 this week only.

Remember this awesome cape from the Spring 2013 Collection?

El Matador by Allyson Dykhuizen

El Matador by Allyson Dykhuizen

Well, it’s still awesome.

El Matador on Miss Laura!

El Matador on Miss Laura!

Recently my lovely friend Laura was nice enough to let me throw El Matador on over her adorable outfit and, surprise!, it looked awesome.

Simple Chilly Summer Night Styling

Simple Chilly Summer Night Styling

This summer has been very cool for us here in the Midwest, so we’ve all been running around in our light sweaters anyway. You know what is a great light sweater? A cape! Your neck and shoulders are warm but your arms are protected from the chilly night air. And you look like $1,000,000!

Me Rocking El Matador

Me Rocking El Matador

When I pulled out my cape for this post it all came together. DUH! #CapeLyfe! Why haven’t I been rocking this cape all summer?! You have some jeans on and a cute tee? Throw a cape over it! Skirt and tank? Cape! Shorts and tee? Cape! It seriously goes with everything.

So have I sold you?! Are you going to be living the #capelyfe for the rest of the summer? Snag the pattern now for only $3!

Thursday I’ll show you how to easily transition your cape from summer to fall, so even if you get started on this adorable cape now but don’t finish until the cooler weather strikes, you’ll still be looking awesome.

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Special Collections K&CAL – Week Two Vote Tally!

We’re at the halfway point of our Special Collections K&CAL! And a lot has happened last week.

MoonJumper's Excelsior

MoonJumper’s Excelsior

StefanieGrrr's Admiralty

StefanieGrrr’s Admiralty

MoonJumper's Deco Daisies

MoonJumper’s Deco Daisies

SewingOnPins' Deco Daisies

SewingOnPins’ Deco Daisies

And we’ve had one FO!

Mamatronic's County Fair Scarf

Mamatronic’s County Fair Scarf

Everything is looking so great!

Just to review, we are knitting and crocheting and casting votes to see what next year’s Special Collection will be. Here again are the Special Collection 2015 options:

  1. Holla Knits Babies! – A collection of garments and accessories for babies.
  2. Warm Weather Accessories – Each Accessories Collection is pretty cold weather focused. This would be a collection of warm weather accessories to keep you decked out all summer long.
  3. Holla Knits Crochets Again! – Did you love the first HK Crochet Collection and just want more crochet patterns? You’ll love Holla Knits Crochets Again!
  4. HK Simple - HK puts out a lot of challenging patterns, but sometimes you just want some hot and simple projects? We can do that!

And so far the vote totals are:

  1. Holla Knits Babies! - 0
  2. Warm Weather Accessories - 5
  3. Holla Knits Crochets Again! - 4
  4. HK Simple – 0

Get some yarn on your needles/hooks and get voting! It’s still anyone’s game.

And for a full review of the K&CAL, check out the rules here. Happy knitting and crocheting!

The Crash Week! Featured FO

It’s The Crash week here at Holla Knits! We are going to take a closer look at this textured pullover with puffy sleeves, AND the pattern is 50% off this week. That’s right! Get a jump on fall knitting and get this sweet sweater pattern for $3 this week only.

From designer Sarah Hurwitz: In honor of The Crash week, I wanted to share the first Crash that was knit by an awesome Holla Knits fan. A lot of amazing FOs came out of the Holla Knits KAL but my personal favorite is Katherine’s green version of The Crash. What can I say? I’m biased!

Katherine's The Crash!

Katherine’s The Crash!

I love seeing a different take on something I’ve designed. Even if it’s just the color, seeing another version is thrilling. I have to admit, I’m loving the color on this one. I’m tempted to cast on another.

What color combinations would you choose for your version of The Crash?