#HKKALSummer Francisco Cowl: Week 4

We’ve made it to the last week of our #HKKALSummer! Hopefully you’re in great shape to finish your projects and post them before the deadline of Monday September 7th at midnight. Yesterday we took our last look at Beach House, and today we’re finishing up our Francisco Cowls (missed it come together? Check out Francisco Cowl week 1week 2, and week 3). 

From designer Allyson Dykhuizen: This week we’ve got just a few more finishing touches and then we’ll have a finished cowl!



So this week your goal is to finish the body of the cowl, which is just a few more rows at the bottom, then you’ll pick up stitches around the base of the cowl and knit a few rounds of garter stitch to add a really pretty edging.

I’m a little worried about mine – the top garter stitch band was curling under like mad, so I super soaked my sample after weaving in my ends and it’s now drying. I think it’s also good to soak your cowl and block it to open up those eyelets!

And once it’s dry it will be good to go. Despite the heat returning to Chicago this week I can’t wait for it to dry so I can get some pics of it! I think it’s going to be great!

Be sure to finish up your projects and get them posted in the forum. The deadline is fast approaching!

#HKKALSummer Beach House: Week 4

We’ve made it to the last week of our #HKKALSummer! Hopefully you’re in great shape to finish your projects and post them before the deadline of Monday September 7th at midnight. First up is designer Teresa Gregorio to help you put the finishing touches on your Beach House! (missed this top come together? Check out Beach House week 1week 2, and week 3).

From designer Teresa Gregorio: For this fourth and final week, let’s aim to get the Front and Finishing completed.

Teresa's beautiful Beach House!

Teresa’s beautiful Beach House!

The front just takes using your mesh stitch flat skills that are *well* established by now, and keeping track of your neckline decreases.

By the time you’re done those front panels, you’ll have two sets of stitches that need grafting together.

Perfectly grafted shoulders

Perfectly grafted shoulders

Here’s a video AND photo tutorial on the Kitchener stitch (aka grafting) from Knit Picks:


And finally, there’s those fun instructions to “block aggressively”. I’m not kidding! You did, of course, do this same thing to your swatch, so you know why this is an integral step.

And we’re done!

Please share your Beach House FOs! I’d love to see how you’re styled this versatile crop top.

#HKKALSummer Mykonos Wrap: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the #HKKALSummer! You’ve got your projects rolling now (missed it? Check out Mykonos Wrap week 1, and week 2) so now we’re headed into the home stretch. Monday was Beach House, Tuesday Francisco Cowl, Wed was Bowdoin Hat, and today we’ve got more Mykonos Wrap from designer Laura Reinbach!

Week 3 Progress!

Week 3 Progress!

This week we are working on whittling down the length of the wrap.  We’ve got a lot to get through, but fortunately it is fairly quick knitting.

I’ve decided to play around with the panel/stripe sequence.  I am going to start my garter and lace sections wider at the ends and narrow them a little each time as I inch closer to the center.  Once I get past the center I will start to slowly widen them again.

The great thing about this pattern is that it is a blank canvas in which you can go wild with your spacing and sequencing.  Have fun!