Selfish Knitting Time: More Cape Vertigo

Today we’ve got a really special post from Cape Vertigo designer Leah Coccari-Swift, who styled out some really fun ways to wear your Cape Vertigo. You may still be in the thick of it with holiday knitting (Christmas is in ONE WEEK! GAH!), but start dreaming of when you can cast this beauty on. Be sure to snag the pattern on sale now for only $4

From designer Leah Coccari-Swift: Have you been tempted by all the amazing cape styles out there this season? I know I have. Capes are a warm, stylish, practical way to stay warm when dressing up or down. They are very versatile and it can be a little intimidating to know how to wear them.

Let’s take a look at three different ways of wearing my Cape Vertigo pattern, shall we?

The first thing you should know is that Boots are a Cape’s best friend. Got some boots? You’re more than halfway there to creating an awesome #capelyfe look.

Look 1 – Like a Boss: Cape + Jeans, Jacket, Boots

Can't Touch This

Can’t Touch This

Wear your bad-assest boots, leather jacket and snug jeans. Wrap the cape loosely around your neck starting with one end and fling the other end over your shoulder.

Cape + Jeans, Jacket, Boots

Cape + Jeans, Jacket, Boots

…Or center the cape on your neck, gathering the length into some cozy ripples. Let it hang.

Look 2 – Sweet n Cozy: Cape + Dress or Skirt, Boots, Legwarmers or Tights

Cape + Dress or Skirt, Boots, Legwarmers or Tights

Cape + Dress or Skirt, Boots, Legwarmers or Tights

Wear a sweet skirt or dress, legwarmers or tights, and your favorite boots. Wrap the cape flat and tight around your neck, keeping the rolled collar exposed, for a smooth shoulder warmer.

So adorable!

So adorable!

Look 3 – 70s Office Glam (just go with me here): Cape + Dress Pants, Blouse, Gold Belt, Gold Bracelet, Gold hoop earrings, Attitude

Cape + Dress Pants, Blouse, Gold Belt, Gold Bracelet, Gold hoop earrings, Attitude

Cape + Dress Pants, Blouse, Gold Belt, Gold Bracelet, Gold hoop earrings, Attitude

Just drape it on top, casual-like. Yeeaaah girl. Now swagger.

Let's continue to pretend I've photoshopped the remote shutter out of my hand.

Let’s continue to pretend I’ve photoshopped the remote shutter out of my hand.

Look 4 – On Your Lap: Cape + Sitting Down

Look 4 - On Your Lap: Cape + Sitting Down

Cape + Sitting Down

The coziest lap blanket of all time.

Cape Vertigo is on sale for $4 this week! Head over to the Holla Knits site to get the pattern at a discount this week only.

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Selfish Knitting Time: Beech Street Vest Styling

Vest are hard for me, in that I feel like they should be harder to style. I never really think – MAN this outfit totally needs a vest! – but instead I think that today is a vest day and build an outfit around the vest. But really, throwing a vest on over a totally normal outfit is easy and always turns out!

Beech Street Vest by Andrea Sanchez, on sale this week for $4!, is the coziest vest around, and despite it’s striking look is easy to make work with your everyday outfit.

Beech Street Vest - Fancy Office!


First up I put my Beech Street Vest on to wear to a fancy office like The Devil Wears Prada! I usually wear leggings and huge sweaters to my ‘office’ these days, so thinking about a fancy lady getting dressed to go in to her high powered office was really fun! Adorable booties and tights with a plaid pencil skirt, long sleeved tee with Beech Street over it, and of course a fancy bag and some fun bracelets and you’re all set to look hot and be awesome at your job!

Beech Street Vest - Every Day


In a more casual, everyday atmosphere you can throw your Beech Street over some colored skinny jeans, a long sleeved tee. Add some pretty killer boots, a fabric scarf, and a small cross body bag and you’re looking hot going pretty much anywhere!

So as you can see, it’s super easy to work a statement vest into your wardrobe. And with Beech Street being completely reversible you can pick the color that works best with what you’re wearing! Fun right?! Snag it now for only $4!

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Selfish Knitting Time: Cape Vertigo Styling

Lots of knitters love capes, but then don’t know how to style them. I don’t blame you if you are one of those knitters! If you don’t know how to work something into your wardrobe it’s hard to pull the trigger on knitting it. So while Cape Vertigo is only $4 this week, I wanted to run down ALL of the ways to wear it this week. Spoiler Alert: throw it over everything. You won’t regret it!


Cape Vertigo - NYE Party


First up I style Cape Vertigo for a new years eve party, or any winter wedding! You’ve got an adorable cocktail dress with great shoes and all the accessories, but you don’t have a real fancy coat and what if it gets cold? Cape Vertigo time! You’ll be cozy and still looking super hot.

Cape Vertigo - Winter Coffee Date


And the exact opposite of a NYE party is when it’s -20 degrees outside and you really want to cancel your coffee date with your girlfriend but you haven’t seen her is SO LONG so you can’t cancel it but you can’t manage to wear anything but your cozy pjs but you still have to look not homeless. Cape Vertigo is like wearing a blanket, only you aren’t wearing a blanket you’re wearing a fancy cozy cape!

… and everything in between. I was creating a board of a tee and skinny jeans but that is exactly what I’m wearing in the picture of me modeling the cape, so I was trying to think outside the box. Sold?! I know right! Grab the pattern for $4 this week!

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