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Holla Yarn from HiKoo and Skacel

Sometimes you just have to admit that you have no idea what the hell you are doing. I’m pretty good at that. Getting Holla Knits as far as I’ve gotten it has been one gigantic learning process, and the biggest part of that has been in the yarn.

HiKoo and Pudge

The Sweatshop of Love has a focus on financially accessible knitting, and that is something I didn’t want to lose when I launched Holla Knits. But ignoring the super talented hand dyers and spinners I know was just not an option. That is why each pattern will have two yarn options – one in affordable yarn and one in a more luxury yarn. But since I’ve always has a super focus on affordable yarn, luxury yarn is not something I know anything about. So I’ve been asking for help all over the place, and that is how I found Simplicity by HiKoo.

HiKoo Simplicity

The lovely and talented Cirilia Rose works at Skacel, HiKoo’s distributor, and ages ago offered me some yarn support. It wasn’t until a couple months ago that I took her up on her offer. I explained to Lily Ubbelohde’s design, Holla Knits Design #4, and she suggested HiKoo. I’m working up the second sample now, and it’s lovely!

Ready to Knit!

You can see that my kitty, Pudge Rodriguez, is also a huge fan. That is the most important part, right?

Guest Post: Math Lovin’

Today’s guest post comes from Katie Canavan, a Holla Knits designer who blogs and crafty businesses at Under the Red Umbrella. You saw pics of her finished sample here. And she is a math geek! Who knew?!

I’ve always loved math. I was totally one of those geeks in high school who was on the accelerated track, took AP Calculus, and tested out of college math. Completely. Because, although I loved math, I chose art, and you didn’t need calculus for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Katie Getting Her Math On

So I’ll admit – I geeked out a bit over the math of designing of a knitting pattern. There’s geometry in all sorts of design, but only in knitting does math really play a huge roll. I made diagrams and calculated stitches and increases based on gauge. I even busted out the ole TI-83 graphing calculator to crunch the numbers for different sizes based on percentages and gauge. I was thisclose to using the quadratic equation! (ok, maybe not…)

It's Going to be CUTE!

I guess that’s why I love knitting. It combines logical elements of math with the more emotional side of art, and I thrive on both.

Finished Sample! Holla Knits Design #4

When we last checked in with Design #4, designer Lily Ubbelohde was having trouble getting her design together. She wrote a guest post about the trouble she kept running into along the way.

Surprise Cables!

She has gotten past any problems she was having getting her garment to come together, and I received her finished sample in the mail last week. And to my surprise and delight there were cables involved! Here I was going on and on the other day about there only being one design with cables. I’m so glad I’m wrong!

Knit and Buttons!

You didn’t think you’d get away with having an entire collection of knitting without fabric covered buttons, did you? Lily knows how to get the perfect yellow/teal combination!

Lots of Stitch Patterns!

It was a challenge I wasn’t up for to get the true color of this yarn. It’s Knit Picks Shine Sport in Reef, and the middle picture is capturing the color best.

But any way you hack it, this knit is killing it.