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WIP: More Cables!

So this is going to be a reoccurring theme for pretty much everything I say about the Fall Collection. Look at these cables!

Stripes of Cables

And look at that color. That is yarn from Springtree Road I showed off last week Praline DK in Idyl. Pretty much to die for.

Stitch Patterns Galore

It’s not just cables. Ann Leachman’s design is out of this world hot. I showed you her sample a few weeks ago and this one is knitting up AWESOME! I can’t wait to be wearing it all fall long!

The First Holla Knits Knit Along Sweater is the Holla Back Tank!

It was a close race, with over 5000 votes, but we have a winner:

Holla BACK

We’ll be knitting Emma Welford’s Holla Back Tank, and I, Katie Canavan, will be your lovely host! We’ll start on Monday, August 20th, and knit the tank over the next 8 weeks. If you’ve never knit a sweater before, this will be a great first project. Since there’s no sleeves to worry about, we can really take our time each week.


Allyson and I have rustled up some amazing prizes. If you complete your Holla Back Tank by the end of the KAL, you’ll be entered to win one of two Grand Prizes:

  • A Year-Long Subscription to Holla Knits
  • A Yarn Pack for Emma Welford’s upcoming design for the Accessories Issue of Holla Knits, debuting Fall 2012 (it’s awesome, I promise you’ll love it!)
You’ll also be entered to win one of the Runner-Up Prizes:
  • The entire Holla Knits Fall Collection
  • The entire Holla Knits Accessories Collection
  • Yarn grab bags of Holla Knits yarn
  • Emma Welford’s upcoming design for the Accessory Issue of Holla Knits
We also have an exciting mid-way prize. Anyone who is up-to-date with the KAL at the 4-week point will be entered to win a one-on-one Knitting Skype Class with Allyson and me! This is perfect for any questions you might have regarding the tank or anything else you’re knitting.


Like all Holla Knits designs, the Holla Back Tank is knit in two yarns: one affordable Knit Picks yarn, and one independent dyer.

For this KAL, our independent dyer, The Kangaroo Dyer, is offering a generous discount. If you order 3 or more skeins of Poet Seat, you get 20% off and free shipping! So this is the perfect time to treat yourself to some luxury hand-dyed yarn. Simply put the code HKKAL12 in the “Notes to Seller” when you check out.

The recommended Knit Picks yarn is Gloss Fingering, which is gorgeous and soft and comes in a variety of colors. Another option from Knit Picks is Stroll Sock Yarn. Any fingering weight wool or wool blend will work wonderfully, and I’d love to see Holla Back Tanks in Cascade 220 Fingering, Louet Gems Fingering, or Malabrigo Sock.

This is a great time to start knitting this tank. It’s the end of the Summer season, but the beginning of layering season, and the options are endless. I’m going to knit my tank in Everglade Heather, a shade of Stroll Sock, so it can be layered over a tshirt or button down when the temperatures start to drop.

So hop over the Holla Back Tank pattern page to snap up your pattern for $3, and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be answering questions in the Holla Knits Ravelry Group, here on the blog, and by email at Happy Knitting!

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Guest Post: Early Bird Knitting

I’m so lucky to be working with designer Emma Welford of Emma Welford Designs again. She is the mastermind behind Holla Back Tank, and worked fast and hard on her design for the upcoming Accessories Collection. I’ve already got her FO in my hot little hands, about 5 weeks before deadline! Here is why ->

Valley Yarns Northfield

I like to think I’m a pretty punctual person. I get my oil changed according to the little sticker on my windshield, I know exactly how long it takes to run to the bathroom during a commercial break so as not to miss a crucial moment of reality TV drama–you get the idea. But how did I wind up being a month ahead of schedule for my newest Holla Knits design?

Emma in Action!

To be fair, odds were stacked in my favor. I happen to work in the same building as my yarn support, so I had an unfair advantage. I wasn’t working on any other designs and could blaze ahead with this one. My intensive swatch worked out most of the kinks in my design, meaning all I had to do was calculate and cast on. And a week into starting it, I committed myself to another project and realized I couldn’t afford to procrastinate!

Emma’s Knit Braid

Luckily, accessories are easy to crank out on a deadline. My Ravelry queue is full of more hats, fingerless mittens and shawls than I will ever need to wear in this lifetime, let alone knit! I’m an accessory junkie–what’s not to love? They’re perfectly portable. They’re a great excuse for buying luxury yarns I can’t always afford. And they’re dandy for trying out new techniques. When I’ve just finished a lagging sweater (or have lost my sweater knitting mojo), there’s nothing more therapeutic than casting on for a quick ‘n dirty accessory project.

So when you’re ready to cheat on your current WIP and join me, I’ll be waiting with this fierce colorwork design to tempt you. And if that’s not enough incentive, there will be five other hot accessories debuting alongside–and that’s going to turn anyone into an accessory junkie!