Monthly Archives: November 2012

Black Swan KAL Week 2: Make the Back!

There are TONS of Black Swans on the needles for our holiday KAL, and everyone is quickly figuring out just what a quick knit this adorable shrug is.

This Weeks Black Swan Goal: Make the back! So you are making the exact same piece that you just made. There are no changes to the back or the front! So this is old hat for everyone.

And since this is such a fast knit, I’ve already set up the Black Swan FO ravelry board! So if you are already finished with your Black Swan, get it up on the forum to be entered to win our KAL prizes.

But for those of you knitting along with us, we’ve got two weeks to finish this great shrug. Hang in there and keep up with our progress on the forum!

Wallpaper Cowl KAL Week 2: Work Through the Chart

We’re buzzing along on our Wallpaper Cowls – some more so than others. Take a look at all the WIP’s from this week:

This Week’s Goal: Work through row 34 on the Wallpaper Chart.

Continue working through the stranded chart this week, and enjoy seeing the design develop. We’re sharing lots of tips on color work and different methods of stranding, so it’s worth reading through the Ravelry Forum.

Added Bonus Task for this Week: Post a picture of the BACK of your work in the Ravelry Forum! Are you brave enough?!

Game on, Holla Knittas!

Scallop of the Sea: Week 2!

We’re off to a great start!

This Week’s Goal: Knit the next three repeats of the scallop chart.

We’ve been chatting in the Ravelry group and everyone seems to have found their stranded knitting rhythm. Some of us are even ahead–Sara has already finished the knitting portion of this project, WOW! Check out her awesome progress:

We’ll all be there with Sara soon, hooray for quick KALs!