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Guest Post: Do Stuff with Designer Lee Meredith!

Today I’ve got a sneak peek of designer Lee Meredith of Leethal Knits’s contribution to the upcoming Holla Knits Accessories Collection! I’m so excited to have Lee as part of this collection. We met this summer at The National Needlearts Association trade show, and I clearly succeeded in giving Lee the hard sell on Holla Knits because she is now a part of the family! And I know you are just going to LOVE her design. Take a look!

I’m so excited to be designing for Holla Knits for the first time – a hat in this beautiful bright blue wool by Jill Draper Makes Stuff.  I knew I had to work with Jill as soon as I learned about her, since my blog’s name is “do stuff!” – hooray for making and doing stuff!  The yarn I’m using is Hudson worsted weight, which is made from sheep to skein in the US, and dyed blue with lovely little specks of yellowish green throughout, love it!

Jill Draper Makes Stuff + Lee Meredith Does Stuff!

Jill Draper Makes Stuff + Lee Meredith Does Stuff!

So, I like to play with construction in my designs, and this hat is no exception – it’s built in 3 sections, which are all knit completely seamlessly, in one piece with no picked up stitches or sewing at all.  It’s worked, beginning to end, in 3 different directions (sort of), the first 2 parts knit flat, then the third part in the round.  It uses increases, decreases, and short rows to connect the modular parts as it’s knit.

It SOUNDS Scary, but it's Really Fun!

It SOUNDS Scary, but it’s Really Fun!

That might sound scary, but it’s actually easy and fun to make!  One thing I love about this hat, after I’ve made over 4 of them already, for my trial+error design process, working out all the kinks and whatnot, is that the first section is most of the hat, so once that’s finished and you’re ready to move on, the second and third sections just fly by in no time at all and your hat is done!

Garter and St st Options!

Garter and St st Options!

And one more thing I am really excited about with this design is that I decided to make it in two versions – while starting the design, it was working out well in garter stitch, which is how I was designing it at first, but then I had a brainstorm about a differently sized version in stockinette stitch, tested that idea out, and it worked great as well!  So, two hats, one pattern.  Those who like the clean classiness of stockinette can knit that one, those who like the textural scrappiness of garter stitch can choose that, and those knitters who are like me and love all the stitches can make one of each!  I love them both and I can’t wait to show you the full designs in the fall!

Fall/Winter Photo Shoot

The Fall/Winter Collection

The Fall/Winter Collection


I did it. 6 sweaters in 5 weeks and 5 days. And we aren’t talking measly cropped, short sleeve sweaters. 6 substantial sweaters. I’m sitting on my bed writing this on a break from attaching final buttons and clipping random leftover strands of yarn sticking out of these 12 beautiful sweaters I’m shooting for the Fall/Winter Collection this afternoon. I spent the past 6 days knitting 12-16 hours a day to finish. A few of these sweaters are still damp from blocking! They won’t dry because it’s 95 degrees and humid.

Right? We’ll be wearing wool sweaters in 95 degree heat later, trying to make it look like fall.

If I were ever going to pack it in to work at Michael’s for the rest of my life, it would have happened about 10 days ago when I still had 5 sweaters to finish. So I guess I’m in it to win it! … oooyyy.

Guest Post: Shoulders!

Today’s guest post comes from designer Sarah Hurwitz of Knit York City! I’m super excited to have her on board for the Fall/Winter Collection and as a new member of the Holla Knits family! Especially since we have a shared love of shoulders. A HUGE thank you to Sarah for sharing the inspiration behind her upcoming design!



I couldn’t be more excited about my maiden voyage with Holla Knits! I have always admired Allyson’s work as well as her talented collation of designers for past Holla Knits collections.

As I was working on sketches, I felt a like the HK philosophy was really challenging my imagination. My goal was to design something really daring and fashion forward. Something that I wouldn’t normally be brave enough to wear but a garment that was totally fun and stylish. Holla Knits encouraged me to go wild and crazy!

I really wanted to work on something with a great shoulder detail. I love shoulder details that have been trending over the past few years. Shoulder pads went the way of Designing Women but they are creeping back into the mainstream, worn by some of my favorite fashion icons. I especially love shoulder pads with spikes and studs!

I had so much fun interpreting these fierce looks into knitwear. I can’t wait to see this top worn in so many ways!