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Much Loved / Needs Love Summer Sale!

To welcome summer we’re going to take a look back at some warm weather patterns and celebrate with a sale!

much loved / needs love pattern sale!

Every collection that Holla Knits publishes includes patterns that instantly connect with lots of knitters everywhere, and some patterns don’t get as much love. Today we’re going to take a look at 4 of the most popular warm weather patterns and 4 patterns that deserve a second look.

Much loved

Nachtfalter, Cute Girl Squares, Lady Bat, and Holla Back Tank

Left to Right: Nachtfalter, Cute Girl Squares, Lady Bat, and Holla Back Tank

Take 20% off these Holla Knits favorites!

These warm weather garments were instant favorites at their release and have continued to be super popular! Get each of these garment patterns for $4.80 with each coupon code below.

Nachtfalter by Stefanie Pollmeier: Coupon Code MUCHLOVED3
Cute Girl Squares by Allyson Dykhuizen: Coupon Code MUCHLOVED4
Lady Bat by Teresa Gregorio: Coupon Code MUCHLOVED1
Holla Back Tank by Emma Welford: Coupon Code MUCHLOVED2

needs love

Left to Right: El Matador, Romp Around the Clock, Prim, and Finishing School

Left to Right: El Matador, Romp Around the Clock, Prim, and Finishing School

Take 50% off these under the radar winners!

These warm weather patterns deserve more love! Get these patterns for 50% off, so only $3 for El Matador, Romp Around the Clock, and Finishing School, and $2 for Prim with each coupon code below.

El Matador by Allyson Dykhuizen: Coupon Code NEEDSLOVE4
Romp Around the Clock by Lilith Ubbelohde: Coupon Code NEEDSLOVE2
Prim by Ann Leachman: Coupon Code NEEDSLOVE1
Finishing School by Katie Canavan: Coupon Code NEEDSLOVE3

Sale prices good through Sunday June 29th. Stock up and get knitting!

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Guest Post: A Peek at Kirsten Singer’s Axial

Today’s guest post comes from designer Kirsten Singer of Klever Knits! She’s got a design in the upcoming Fall/Winter Collection that is going to blow your mind. It’s cabled and beautiful, with unusual construction and easy fit and drape. Kinda perfect right? Take a look!



From designer Kirsten Singer: Axial is a cozy winter sweater that features an intricately cabled back that is worked from the center out; but don’t worry, it looks more complicated than it is.  There are two main cable patterns, one which resembles that of the human collarbone, making it deserving of its name, Axial (Axial refers to the portion of the human skeleton that contains the rib bones).

A Little Bone Stitch

A Little Bone Stitch

I chose to work this in Rowan’s Kid Classic in a soft light blue colorway called Drought for two reasons.  For one, I love the mohair halo that the Kid Classic has and it makes a relatively light weight cardigan that much warmer.  Second, the color reminds me of the persistent fog at the beginning of the winter season.

Tiny Edging Cables!

Tiny Edging Cables!

This has been such an addicting knit for me, and once you get a handle on the concept behind the construction of the piece, it works up quite quickly with the Aran weight yarn.  Minimal effort for a maximum impact?  Say no more!

Holla Knits Subscription Sale Week!

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All patterns promise to be fun to knit and wear, fashion forward, and challenging, brought to you from a wide variety of designers new and established. Each pattern will be worked up in an accessible yarn and a specialty yarn and shown in two different sizes to make customizing each pattern to your size and price range easy.

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