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The Holla Knits Mini Collection Competition is Coming!

I’ve been semi secretly working on something really fun over here! Monday kicks off the Holla Knits Mini Collection Competition! 8 designers will fight to the death to get their mini collections produced by Holla Knits.


… AHEM ok no one is going to die, but I’m glad I got your attention!


Submission Sneak Peeks!

Now it’s your chance to be the editor.

8 designers have pitched you their ideas for a 3 piece collection. You’ve got sketches, swatches, and inspiration stories. TWO of these collections will be produced and published for spring 2016 – and the decision rests in your hands.

What you don’t have? The name of the designer! You’re voting only on the quality of the submission and how compelling these potential collections are.

Voting opens Aug 3rd and closes Aug 13th at midnight. Winners will be announced on Aug 14th – 4 mini collections will make the cut and move on to Round 2!

Vote early and vote often (but only once a day!) and vote for as many collections you like. Share your favorites using #HKMiniComp and rally your friends to vote, too!

Round 2 will start on Aug 24th. Good luck designers!

More Hawt Sands from Designer Teresa Gregorio!

This week we’re featuring two patterns from 2014 that were hot then and just as hot today. Today we’re letting designer Teresa Gregorio take the stage with a longer look at her Hawt Sands!

From designer Teresa Gregorio: Hawt Sands is one of the most fun patterns I’ve ever designed. It’s really *meant* for fun; it’s a casual-wear design with interesting colourwork to make for an entertaining knit.

That fun factor comes in the nautical theme, but also the tunic length, sleeveless shape, and pretty, overlapping neckline that expands out into a hood at the back. Cause really, who doesn’t love a hood?

Teresa's Second Hawt Sands!

Teresa’s Second Hawt Sands!

This pattern has such great potential for modifications. I myself made a second Hawt Sands. I found myself wearing it all the time when I was at the cottage. It’s a prefect piece to throw on over a swim suit for a quick cover-up layer.

My modified Hawt Sands featured slightly different colourwork; I expanded and riffed on the wave motif, omitting the seahorse. These mods were mainly because I had stash yarn I wanted to use, and there wasn’t enough white, but plenty of blue.

I’d love to see someone modify it differently! It’d be cool to see it with no hood. In my dreams of designing it, I briefly envisioned a front pocket, too. You can get your copy of Hawt Sands now to enjoy this summer. And mod it, if you please! I’d LOVE to see it interpreted in a different way.

Before Their Time Sale 2014: Beech Street

This week we’re featuring two patterns from 2014 that were hot then and just as hot today. Today it’s Beech Street by Andrea Sanchez

Beech Street by Andrea Sanchez

Beech Street by Andrea Sanchez

This vest is the epitome of autumn cozy! Living in a cold weather climate always makes me feel like I must have something cozy but that can be layered as well. A vest is the answer to this need. I wanted something with color and texture and the two-color brioche is perfect. While it takes a few rows to get into the rhythm, once you have it down your knitting time will fly by! The yarn used gives the oversized collar amazing drape that would look great worn open and loose or buttoned up. I’ll be wearing this vest with my skinny jeans and boots over a basic long-sleeved t-shirt all season.

So cute and cozy!

So cute and cozy!

This piece is knit lengthwise from side to side beginning at the left front. I found it easiest to join new skeins at the beginning of a new row all along the bottom edge of the piece. Here they are less noticeable and will virtually disappear once they are woven in. In brioche you are working the front and back of a row in each brioche row. When counting rows count each st as one row. Row count is given for total number of rows. Since this garment is completely reversible, RS and WS refer to the direction the MC knit stitches are facing. When you are on a MC WS row you will be brioche purling the MC stitches because they won’t be facing you. When you are on a MC RS row you will be brioche knitting the MC stitches because they will be facing you.

Download it now for only $4!

I just hate to look forward to when it starts to get cold again, but it’s easy when you know you’ll be wrapped in squishy brioche!