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Changes for Holla Knits

All 107 Holla Knits Patterns!

All 107 Holla Knits Patterns!

It’s been 5 years since I started Holla Knits! In those 5 years I’ve published 107 patterns, all pictured here. Pretty awesome, right?

Holla Knits, as you know it now, is ending. The entire industry is struggling right now, and while I think the Holla Knits model is still a good one, pattern downloads are down and money to pay designers is down which results in fewer designers wanting to design, understandably. Over the past 2 years I’ve tried a few things to make Holla Knits easier and less time consuming for me to run while paying everyone involved, but every year downloads are down and overall Holla Knits headaches are up. So it’s time for a change.

While details are worked out, the ins and outs of will all be the same. Subscribers have access to all their patterns, you can download all patterns and me and all designers are getting paid as usual. You can keep your eye on my instagram account for sneak peeks of future plans, and I’ll be popping up here when I’ve got news.

In the mean time, thank you thank you thank you for being a part of the last 5 years of my knitting life! I’m so proud of the patterns I’ve put out, the designers I’ve worked with, and every Holla Knits FO that pops up on the internet. More soon!

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Protected: Subscribers! The Holla Knits Winter Collection

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Holla Knits Winter Collection 2016

Holla Knits Winter 2016

Holla Knits Winter 2016

Download Now ~ Ravelry Pattern Page

Put on the kettle and settle in – it’s officially knitting season! Even those of us who are all year around knitters get a little more excited when the first frost hits. We love layering our knits! Pullovers under cardigans topped with hats and cowls – it almost makes us wish for a big blizzard so we can cozy up and knit till we drop.

The HK Winter Collection has a little bit of everything – color, cables, cropped, long, oversized, fitted, cardi, pullover, bulky, fingering, stranded, colorblocking – WHEW! Despite being the smallest collection HK has ever put out, it has a little of everything and I couldn’t be more proud to publish this powerhouse collection. HK newbies Amy Palmer (Malmo Sweater), Fatimah Hinds (Modcast), and Kerry Bullock-Ozkan (Tilework Cardigan) couldn’t have more different design styles but their cozy, stylish pieces are a wonderful addition to the Holla Knits family. And I’m so excited to have Jean Chung back with her boho style in Winter Forest. Download Now!

This collection also includes an article from Faith Parke-Dodge and a letter from editor Allyson Dykhuizen.


Patterns include, top left to right: Malmo Sweater by Amy Palmer, Winter Forest Pullover by Jean Chung. Bottom left to right: Tilework Cardigan by Kerry Bullock-Ozkan, Modcast by Fatimah Hinds.

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