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Call for Submissions: Accessories 2015

Accessories 2015 Collection Submission Guidelines

Accessory Inspiration

Accessory Inspiration

Submission Themes: Holla Knits is looking for accessory patterns. Your standard cold weather accessories like hats, mittens and mitts, scarves and cowls, but also more whimsical accessories like muffs, stoles, and ear warmers. Anything you’d wear in addition to your jacket as the temps start to lower counts! Also think about cozy inside loungewear – slippers and house socks, fun shrugs and substantial shawls, and even a nightcap. If you’ve got questions about what qualifies please just let me know.

For more specific inspiration, check out both the Holla Knits Accessories Pinterest Board and the original Holla Knits Pinterest Board.



Specifically for this collection I’m looking for bold colorwork. These accessories should bring sunshine on a cold, gloomy day. Also, whimsical animal inspirations will also be encouraged!

As always, I’m looking for risky, unique knits you won’t see in print knitting pattern magazines. Make a bold color choice. Chose a challenging stitch pattern. Use those advanced knitting skills and produce a show stopping knit you want to wear or use every time you leave the house.

Brief Description: Holla Knits is a online magazine dedicated to fashion forward, challenging knits. The Accessories Collection will be a 6 pattern collection showcasing unique designs featuring very wearable texture and color, unusual construction, and unique style. Both knit and crochet patterns will be accepted, but the collection will be primarily a collection of knitting patterns.

Deadline: Deadline for submitting to the Accessories 2015 Collection of Holla Knits is May 15th, 2015. Patterns will then be selected, yarn sent out, and selected garments will be due back to me by July 10th ish, depending on when each designer gets her yarn. Any changes with this deadline will be outlined in each designers contract. The 2015 Accessories Collection will go live on September 14th, 2015.

Compensation/Support: If your pattern is selected for this collection I’ll send you yarn to knit your garment. You’ll send it to me when it’s finished, and I’ll send it back to you once I’m finished shooting it. On top of yarn support, I’ll send you a $50 pattern sales advance. After that advance, you’ll get 75% of all subsequent pattern sales paid to you quarterly.

Rights: You retain the rights to your pattern. I’ll send you the edited, final Holla Knits copy of your pattern, which you are welcome to sell yourself anytime after it debuts on Holla Knits excepting of exclusivity requirements to Ravelry and the Holla Knits site, per your HK designer contract. Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions about payment or terms.

Submission Requirements:

Sketch: Draw me a picture of your accessory. Try to show me how it will lay, how big it is, how you use it. Is it more interesting in the back than it is in the front? Show me a sketch of both sides. I want to be able to get an idea of what you’re knitting for me from this sketch, even if you can’t draw.

Swatch: If chosen, your design will be knit in two different yarns. First, a commercially available yarn, something from Knit Picks or Webs, or yarn that can be found at JoAnn or Michaels – yarns like Patons, Carron, Lion Brand, Red Heart. Second, a specialty yarn – hand spun and/or hand dyed by an indie fiber artist. If you chose to knit your swatch using a specialty yarn, please make sure the fiber artist is willing to provide yarn support if your pattern is chosen. Make sure they know they will get an ad on the pattern and their yarn as the suggested yarn on the pattern. This is great advertisement! If you chose to knit up your swatch in a commercially available yarn this is not necessary. You will only have to knit up one sample.

Describe: Tell me all about your design. Tell me why it’s hot. Tell me why women will dig it. Tell me about the yarn you chose for it. Tell me about the color. Tell me about the stitch patterns or stripes or lace! Tell me why this is special. And be sure to tell me about you as a designer! Is this your first or 93,488,572th design? What makes you you?

Style: How would you wear or use your design? Describe, draw me pictures, photoshop something together! Get creative and tell me about all the different ways I will be wearing your design when I’m finished knitting or crocheting it.

Send To: Email me ( your description, styling, sketch, and a picture of your swatch. Make sure your name and email address is on every piece you submit. You can email me your submission and include a photo of your swatch, but mailed submissions with swatches are more likely to be chosen. Mailing a swatch is not necessary but appreciated!

Allyson Dykhuizen
4659 N Manor Ave #2
Chicago IL 60625

Other Info: Don’t hesitate to email me at with any questions about submitting. This can be an intimidating process so I want to make it as simple as possible.

Semi-Annual Subscription Sale!

I’m SO excited to share with you the big changes coming to Holla Knits this year! You’ll remember at the beginning of the year when I asked everyone to take the Holla Knits survey, which I talked about here and here. One of the big take aways I got from that is people want the collections to be more magazine like, with articles and tutorials.

You ask and you shall receive! Starting with the next collection, Warm Weather Accessories, each collection will feature a letter from the editor, two or three articles and a relevant tutorial written by Holla Knits designers.

I’ve already got articles lined up from Emma Welford, Teresa Gregorio, Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter, Emily Ringelman, Leah Coccari-Swift, Sarah Hurwitz, and Lily Ubbelhode. Pretty awesome right?!

These articles will be exclusive to Holla Knits collections and not appear anywhere on the website and won’t be available unless you are a subscriber or purchase the collection from

Along with a release schedule shake up which you can check out here, this year will be the best Holla Knits year yet!

subscription sale!

Even with all of these changes, a Holla Knits yearly subscription still costs $36. You’ll get all 4 collections full of the unique patterns Holla Knits is known for, along with articles and tutorials new this year.

UNLESS you subscribe between now and April 20th because a subscription is 25% off this weekend only. Subscribe and get $9 refunded to you, making your 2015 subscription only $27!

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#HKKAL15: Week 10 in Review

Getting down to the wire! We’ve only got two weeks left to finish all our projects for the Holla Knits KAL – I know I’m feeling the finishing pressure!

This week we’ve had 2 FOs and 7 WIPs. Keep up the good work everyone! We can do this!


moonjumper's Phaze II

moonjumper’s Phaze II

sewingonpins' Cafe au Lait

sewingonpins’ Cafe au Lait

warm weather garment WIPs

SheThinksSheCan's Umbre Lovre

SheThinksSheCan’s Umbre Lovre

My Cafe au Lait!

My Cafe au Lait!

danarae19's Lady Bat

danarae19’s Lady Bat

cold weather garment wips

mamatronic's New Girl

mamatronic’s New Girl

nkfoster21's Axial

nkfoster21’s Axial

Accessory wips

rhymeswithcount's Foliage Cowl

rhymeswithcount’s Foliage Cowl

ZombieQueenie's Woolly Mammoth

ZombieQueenie’s Woolly Mammoth

Keep it coming! Remember you’ve got until Friday May 1st at midnight to share your FO pictures on our forums to qualify for prizes. You can do it!