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Style Your Knits: Just Beachy

Summer may be winding down, but why not give it one last hurrah with a quick knit? I asked two knitters who are working on Just Beachy‘s of their own to put together some adorable Polyvore styling boards to show how they’ll rock this fun top.

Michelle used two shades of natural green to whip up her version, which she appropriately titled as Just Campy–love it! She says, “Just Beachy is so breezy and comfortable it could easily transition from a weekend camping trip with a fun read and some knitting to dinner and a movie with my guy. At least that’s how I’ve been wearing it.”

Just Beachy

Michelle used my sample in her collage, but the pieces she chose would look stunning with her tonal green version as well. Not to mention that Michelle herself looks great, love the photos on her Ravelry project page!

Laura is knitting away on her cream-colored version, about which she says, “I love knitting with lots of color, but the knits I actually wear tend to be neutrals that I can accessorize to death..” Great plan, Laura! There’s something to be said about the absence of color. About her styling board she says, “Summer can be hard to dress for – you spend a lot of time transitioning from blazing hot outdoor temps to freezing cold AC in office buildings and restaurants. Just Beachy is a great alternative to the ubiquitous cardigan I’m always throwing in my bag. It’s light enough to wear in the heat but substantial enough that I’m not shivering over appetizers when I’m out with friends.”

Just Beachy Style Board

Since I live in New England, where cool fall temps are fast approaching, I wanted to show a transitional look option–your summery tops don’t have to languish! Just Beachy’s loose fit is perfect for layering over long sleeved shirts.

Bring Just Beachy into Fall
Just add jeans, boots, and your favorite accessories! I can’t resist anything with skull print and love hearkening back to my gothy-punk teenage years, so I went with Doc Martens and a studded belt. Keeping the rest of the outfit in neutral colors lets the amazing aqua yarn shine through.

If the bold colors of the sample tops weren’t your style, just take a cue from Laura or Michelle and pick a more neutral or tonal color scheme that matches your wardrobe–choosing colors is half the fun after all. The rest is in wearing it!

Know what’s also fun? A surprise pattern sale! Snag Just Beachy for $4 from 8/12 through 8/18 and show me how you’ll rock your version!

Style Your Knits: Holla Back Tank

The knitter’s conundrum: how to wear your knits year-round? Cozy wool sweaters translate into summer about as well as skimpy tanks do in winter! I’m always up for a challenge, so I wanted to see how my Holla Back Tank could work in all climates. I invited Allyson and awesome Holla Knitters Elsha and Jamie to style it up their way with the help of Polyvore. Let’s revisit this hot tank, shall we?

Holla Back Office
I wanted to de-sexify my Holla Back Tank for a change. Layer it over a long sleeved blouse and add cropped pants for a casual daytime look with a hint of polish. Ok, so this one won’t work for everyone’s office dress code but it would totally fly at my workplace! Yellow pants pop against blues and neutrals and coordinate with the button on the tank. A long necklace sparkles and doesn’t interfere with your collar.
A night out with the Holla Back tank.
Jamie had this to say about her fun party look: “I’ll admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten all dressed up for a night on the town so I’m a bit rusty on my party fashion. I know the tank’s on point and everything else I picked because I liked it. The outfit is pretty subdued color wise, but I feel each piece has a lot of character.” (Also check out her bonus look!)
A Day at the Beach with the Holla Back Tank
Elsha says “I live in Southern California, land of sunshine and beaches! I also happen to live about 3 blocks from the water, so staying cool and comfy is a must. The Southern Belle in me requires a big, floppy hat at all times when I’m out enjoying the sun!”
Holla Back Tank Casual Summer
Allyson writes: “I’m officially embracing this bandeau top thing, and Emma’s Holla Back Tank is a great bandeau top cover! Styled here simply with bright jeans and dark, casual accessories, the back of this awesome tank will surely get tons of hollas!”

Style Your Knits: Wallpaper Cowl

Up here in Massachusetts it’s still cold and blustery with a hint of snow, so my Wallpaper Cowl is getting a lot of usage. But what are my non-New Englanders to do? I invited Allyson and awesome Holla Knitters Elsha and Jamie to style it up their way with the help of Polyvore. Four different places, four different looks–which one inspires you?

Bundle Up!

I say pair your Wallpaper Cowl with a bright coat and snuggly boots. I love my Uggs despite the backlash and rock a pair like this that look more like “real boots.” And a relaxed ombre sweater still looks good with your cowl when the coat comes off indoors!

Jet-setting Wallpaper Cowl
Jamie writes “I really wanted the cowl to be the showpiece it deserves to be so I kept things simple. Jeans, tank, a leather jacket to play up the cowl’s lining color, and a fun pair of boots. Oh, and a bag big enough to toss some knitting in.”
Wallpaper Cowl for Early Spring
Our print maven Allyson says “It’s getting warmer! But you still need to bundle up with fun accessories like Emma’s Wallpaper Cowl, and a slouchy knit hat. And, as usual, I’ve embraced my love of mixing prints and worked both stripes and polka dots into this every day look!”
A Night on the Town - Wallpaper Cowl 2 Ways
Elsha gives us options! “I love versatility in my outfits, and the Wallpaper Cowl is so easy to style! Sometimes I want to look more rough-and-tumble – give me boots and let my kick-ass attitude shine! Other times I love the soft and feminine, with stilettos and sleek lines. This cowl works great both ways!”