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Holla Knits Pattern Marketplace is Down

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience but the HK pattern marketplace is currently down. While I’m working to rebuild it, designers are uploading their HK patterns to ravelry. Search HK pattern on Ravelry here:

If you can’t find a way to buy the pattern you’re looking for please email me at and I’ll shoot you over a paypal invoice and email you the PDF of the pattern.

Again, I’m SO sorry for this inconvenience. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or if I can help in any additional way.

Changes for Holla Knits

All 107 Holla Knits Patterns!

All 107 Holla Knits Patterns!

It’s been 5 years since I started Holla Knits! In those 5 years I’ve published 107 patterns, all pictured here. Pretty awesome, right?

Holla Knits, as you know it now, is ending. The entire industry is struggling right now, and while I think the Holla Knits model is still a good one, pattern downloads are down and money to pay designers is down which results in fewer designers wanting to design, understandably. Over the past 2 years I’ve tried a few things to make Holla Knits easier and less time consuming for me to run while paying everyone involved, but every year downloads are down and overall Holla Knits headaches are up. So it’s time for a change.

While details are worked out, the ins and outs of will all be the same. Subscribers have access to all their patterns, you can download all patterns and me and all designers are getting paid as usual. You can keep your eye on my instagram account for sneak peeks of future plans, and I’ll be popping up here when I’ve got news.

In the mean time, thank you thank you thank you for being a part of the last 5 years of my knitting life! I’m so proud of the patterns I’ve put out, the designers I’ve worked with, and every Holla Knits FO that pops up on the internet. More soon!

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Call for Article/Technique Submissions

Last year Holla Knits rolled out a more magazine-like format that included 2-3 articles and 1-2 tutorials per issue. I think it was a hit so we’re doing it for 2016, too!

Each of the 2016 collections will have an letter from the editor (me!), 2-3 knitty related articles, and 1-2 technique demonstration articles. That’s where you come in!

For the articles: I want them to keep the Holla Knits brand message: fun, funny, positive, happy, etc, but as far as content goes a lifestyle focus, talking about your day in the life of a designer, or a knitting life story – even fictional. A history, something personal! I’m really up for anything.

Fun things that were a big hit last year were quizzes and list-style articles. Be creative!  

Specific Article Ideas: HK will publish a Frank Lloyd Wright themed magazine and a boating/sea/beachy themed magazine, so if you have an idea for a specific article with these themes in mind that is fantastic!

For techniques I’d like it to be something related to something used in one of the patterns in the collection, and I can get you a list of possibilities in the next couple weeks as I get the patterns back from designers. If you are more interested in doing a technique article let me know and I’ll be sure to get you those lists when I have them.

For a general technique article pitch, though, think about something you do that you LOVE to do that makes your knitting better, and I can match it to a design. Do you make a perfect buttonhole? Love the way you pick up stitches? Have the perfect jogless stripe? Things like this are always useful.

To submit: Pitch me an article idea! Pitch me many article ideas. Pitches can be a few sentences, I just need to have an idea of what your article or tutorial will be about.

Final articles will be between 500 – 2000 words.

I’ll be filling articles in for the whole year’s magazines, so it’s a rolling deadline, and when you pitch your article I’ll match it to a magazine and give you a deadline from there. No deadline will be before April 30th.

Payment is $25 for each article and $35 for each technique demonstration article. This will pay for 1 month exclusivity, then you are free to republish it on your own blog or do with it what you’d like. Your article will appear exclusively in the HK collection only and not on the HK blog.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from me. Otherwise I look forward to hearing your ideas! Thanks so much!