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#HKKAL15 is Over! Check Out the Final FOs!

Friday marked the end of our big KAL. Final numbers? We had 47 FOs shared! Pretty good you guys!

We had the most FOs shared in the last week, so today’s wrap up post is a doozy. Let’s see them!


sweatshopoflove's Cafe au Lait

sweatshopoflove’s Cafe au Lait

yarnella's Everett Henley

yarnella’s Everett Henley

mamatronic's New Girl

mamatronic’s New Girl

casakelley's Sexxxy Librarian

casakelley’s Sexxxy Librarian

KraftyMumma's Stoney Brook

KraftyMumma’s Stoney Brook

jwiesel's Hodgepodge Mitts

jwiesel’s Hodgepodge Mitts

caitling1212's Jilted

caitling1212’s Jilted

DanaRae19's Lady Bat

DanaRae19’s Lady Bat

caitling1212's Elemental Lines

caitling1212’s Elemental Lines

A big congrats to everyone who finished a project during this knit along! I had a ton of fun knitting along with you!

#HKKAL15: Week 12 In Review – KAL Ends Friday!

Everyone is very quietly working hard on their projects because we don’t have too many updates today. With the end of the KAL looming – this Friday May 1st at midnight! – I don’t blame them! I’ve got my Cafe au Lait on my blocking boards as well!

So let’s say that again – make sure you post your FOs on your project’s FO board by midnight this Friday, May 1st, to qualify for all the great grand prizes!

This week we had 2 FOs and 2 WIPs shared. Keep working on those WIPs everyone! We’ve got 5 knitting days left until this KAL is over!

OhDoogs' Axial

OhDoogs’ Axial

nkfoster21's Axial

nkfoster21’s Axial

Cold weather wips

mamatronic's New Girl

mamatronic’s New Girl

warm weather wips

cinciknitti's Cafe au Lait

cinciknitti’s Cafe au Lait

Put those needles to the metal, everyone!

#HKKAL15: Week 10 in Review

Getting down to the wire! We’ve only got two weeks left to finish all our projects for the Holla Knits KAL – I know I’m feeling the finishing pressure!

This week we’ve had 2 FOs and 7 WIPs. Keep up the good work everyone! We can do this!


moonjumper's Phaze II

moonjumper’s Phaze II

sewingonpins' Cafe au Lait

sewingonpins’ Cafe au Lait

warm weather garment WIPs

SheThinksSheCan's Umbre Lovre

SheThinksSheCan’s Umbre Lovre

My Cafe au Lait!

My Cafe au Lait!

danarae19's Lady Bat

danarae19’s Lady Bat

cold weather garment wips

mamatronic's New Girl

mamatronic’s New Girl

nkfoster21's Axial

nkfoster21’s Axial

Accessory wips

rhymeswithcount's Foliage Cowl

rhymeswithcount’s Foliage Cowl

ZombieQueenie's Woolly Mammoth

ZombieQueenie’s Woolly Mammoth

Keep it coming! Remember you’ve got until Friday May 1st at midnight to share your FO pictures on our forums to qualify for prizes. You can do it!