Errors in Design

Today’s post is by Lily Ubbelohde of The Owl and the Bee, a friend, knitter, and new knitwear designer tackling her first design for the first Holla Knits collection.

Sometimes errors or mistakes can lead us to new and exciting places we never would have stumbled upon on our own. They can be exciting or unexpected and open up a new avenue. Or sometimes they can just be plain wrong. Figuring out what errors fall can be daunting and not a little confusing.

Lily's Design Sneak Peek!

Sometimes the images in our heads don’t always match up to what we see in front of us. As a new designer figuring out how to get what I see in my mind’s eye match up with what’s in front of me on my needles seems like an overwhelming task. As much as we like to plan, and plot, and all of those steps are important (I’m slowly making peace with my math phobia) some parts you just need to DO.

Beautiful Knitted Hem

That’s how I found myself a few weeks ago eye balling the first section of my Holla knits design thinking to myself “hmmmmmm.” I knew that I could listen to my gut, and remake it, tweaking it and changing it as I went with the information I had learned from the first one I made. I also knew that this could risk putting me under more of a time crunch later on in the design process. I weighed my options for a few hours, rolling it back and forth. Did I push forward with something that I wasn’t quite happy with for the sake of a larger whole or did I start over and incorporate what I had learned before?

Big Hem vs Tiny Hem

Ultimately I decided to remake the section and in reworking it turned out truer to my original design idea. I’m now harnessing how good I feel about finishing something that I’m happy with to push me forward into my next section of this design. Sometimes starting over can feel like admitting defeat or failure but knowing that you’ve corrected something for the right and steered yourself in the right direction is much stronger.

2 responses to “Errors in Design

  1. This is a great post and something I hadn’t thought about other people struggling with. Dunno why.

    I worked on a new knitted cozy for my shop and loved the way it looked. I decided to change it up a bit and thought version #2 was awesome . . . until I tried to photograph it and saw that in use, it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to. It *was* still an improvement over the first version, but – man, I made a whole bunch of them, finished them with buttons and everything. I thought I was done!

    So, like you – do I scrap all this work and start over (and feel good about my work) or do I say, “I’ve worked too long on this to re-do all that work!” and not really feel good about what I’m trying to sell?

    They’ve been sitting in a drawer for about a month now because I didn’t want to deal with it. But this post has encouraged me to go ahead & make the changes and see how they do in the shop. I’d rather be proud of my work.
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