Finished Sample! Holla Knits Design #6

And last but not least, Holla Knits Design #6. Never before mentioned, I received the finished sample from designer Katie Canavan last week. Katie has been very busy moving from Chicago to LA, so naturally it was all she could do to get her sample to me mostly on time.

Collar, Edging

When Katie pitched me her design I really couldn’t visualize it. I liked what she was saying but kept thinking, ‘I’m glad I don’t have to figure out how to design that!’ And she pulled it off beautifully. I had no doubt in my mind!

Bottom Edging

Ok, that is a lie. But my doubt came in the form of wear-ability, not execution. Katie was somehow able to design a costume-y top that will be universally wearable and desired by every knitter ever. Seriously. I can’t wait to show you this top!

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