Guest Post: The Story of Summer in Ontario

Today’s guest post and HK Spring/Summer sneak peek comes from designer Teresa Gregorio of Canary Knits. You know Teresa for designing Holla Knits patterns Lady Bat and Knight Service, and she is bringing her fun, quirky style to yet another collection. Find Teresa on Facebook/CanaryKnits and twitter @CanarySanctuary

The sun is beating down. Rays of heat wave across the landscape like an oven door left open too long. The humidity folds and wraps and embraces all around you and all you can think of is the pure shame it is that you don’t have a backyard pool.

You keep your arms at least 4 inches away from your body at all times in an attempt to get some air circulation. One of the last things you think of is knitting. It’s pretty far down on the list; you prioritize things like “frozen alcoholy drinks”, “frosty beer”, and “lying down and being as still as possible.”



But then your friend’s all like “Beach day!” and then you’re all like “holy cow YES! Lake water never gets warm! This is going to be brilliant!”

So off you all troop in a car with the windows rolled all the way down (air circulation is a must, read paragraph #2).

The lake’s in sight and you bolt, as fast as the heat will allow, toward what you know will be the chilly salvation of a Great Lake swim. And as soon as you’re up to your ankles, the cold wrath of nature’s lake-ish fury extends up and shakes any idea of heat, warmth, or what it is to not be cold away from your mind. A very intriguing mix of joy and a desperate wish to retreat overtakes you. You force yourself to enjoy the (what you’re pretty sure are) sub-zero temperatures while they last, especially as you know that the minute you emerge from this water, it’ll somehow, seemingly paradoxically, be colder out there.

Teresa's Original Sketch

Teresa’s Original Sketch

The decision is made: you mad-dash it toward your nook on the beach, and are oh-so thankful that you had the foresight to knit yourself an adorable bathing suit cover-up.

As soon as you settle your no-longer sweaty self on your awesomest of beach towels, out comes the knitting.  You’re glorying in the preciousness of a comfortable temperature, knitting in hand, and that frosty cold drink by your side (though you’re smart and keep the alcohol on the d/l).

This, dear readers, is basically what summer is to me, and why I designed the fun little colourwork piece I have for Holla Knits Spring/Summer 2014.

Intrigued? So am I, cause I expect this design will be something more than a bathing suit cover-up to most of you; this is a cute piece that you can throw on for those chilly summer nights, and even warmer spring days. I’ve had so much fun designing this knit, I can’t wait to work it up in other colour combinations!

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  1. I think I’m starting to look forward to summer knitting, which makes more sense than all the sweaters for me. I can’t wait to see this one! Because we could do the beach thing every weekend.
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