#HKKAL15: Week 1 in Review

Everyone is hitting this KAL like gangbusters! We’ve got TONS of WIPs and even an FO to show off!

If you missed it here is the post about how to participate, and it’s never too late to jump in! And here are all the prizes up for grabs.


MsKnitterrific's Cedar Glen Mitts

MsKnitterrific’s Cedar Glen Mitts

MsKnitterrific finished her Cedar Glen Mitts and clocks in with the first FO of the KAL!

warm weather garment WIPs

kparise's Nachtfalter

kparise’s Nachtfalter

My Cafe au Lait!

My Cafe au Lait!

nkfoster21's Cute Girl Squares Tank

nkfoster21’s Cute Girl Squares Tank

DeliriousMahmi's Cute Girl Squares Tank

DeliriousMahmi’s Cute Girl Squares Tank

SewingonPins' Cafe au Lait

SewingonPins’ Cafe au Lait

KnittingHil's Julep Jacket

KnittingHil’s Julep Jacket

mamatronic's Cafe au Lait

mamatronic’s Cafe au Lait

cold weather Garment wips

jesibes' Sexxxy Librarian

jesibes’ Sexxxy Librarian

RoHart's Sexxxy Librarian

RoHart’s Sexxxy Librarian

CarrieJay's Velma

CarrieJay’s Velma

mamatronic's New Girl

mamatronic’s New Girl

sdurank's Beech Street Vest

sdurank’s Beech Street Vest

Accessory WIPs

angielovesmaps' Woolly Mammoth

angielovesmaps’ Woolly Mammoth

SewingonPins' Hodgepodge Mittens

SewingonPins’ Hodgepodge Mittens

stefaniegrrr's Foliage Cowl

stefaniegrrr’s Foliage Cowl

jesibes' Cedar Glen Mitts

jesibes’ Cedar Glen Mitts

TheValerie's Multiplicity

TheValerie’s Multiplicity

ZombieQueenie's Woolly Mammoth

ZombieQueenie’s Woolly Mammoth

Our forums have been super active and chatty and helpful! So be sure to click over and join to get in on the fun.

We’ll be knocking out as many Holla Knits patterns from now until May 1st, so join any time. I’ll be catching everyone up on the action every Monday, and sharing all the WIPs and FOs as they come in.

Good luck to everyone joining in on the KAL! I can’t wait to follow your progress! Happy knitting!

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