Holla Knits KAL Week 2 – More of the Front!

Last week we made a great start to our Holla Back Tanks! Nine inches of st st is not exactly thrilling, but it made for a solid first week. We had a lot of knitters who were pretty happy that they had taken the time to swatch, too (yay, math!). Now on to Week 2:

This Week’s Holla Back Tank Goal: Continue working the front through the beginning of armhole and neckline shaping.

This week we will work more of the front, and begin the shaping for the neckline and armholes. When looking at your pattern, we are working through the 4th paragraph. So by the end of the week, you should have 14″ or 15″ of work (depending on size) and the first row of separation for the neckline. Stop when you get to the “Right Side Armhole & Neckline Shaping.”

For those of you who were worried about slight discrepancies in your gauge swatch, this is a great point to measure the width of your sweater and make sure you’re on track. This measurement should be half of the total bust measurement.

The chat in the Ravelry group is still lively, and this week we had more than a few pets jump into our WIP photos! Remember to email me your pictures of Week 2 progress at katie@hollaknits.com, or post them in the forum.

Good luck, Holla Knittas!

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