Holla Knits KAL Week 3: Finish that Front

It’s so nice knitting this tank over 8 weeks! Last week was a do-able goal, and this week will go even faster. Anyone who cast on late or fell behind, this is your week to catch up on the front!

This Week’s Holla Back Tank Goal: Finish the Front.

This week we’ll continue working the front of the tank until the end. Last week we left off right after we had cast off the middle section of stitches, leaving an equal number of stitches on each side of the tank. From there we continue on and knit the entire right upper side of the tank, and then break our yarn and move to the left side.

Emma has made it super easy for us with the neckline and armhole shaping, and laid out which decreases to do where. None of this “reverse for other side”- type stuff. Two helpful hints for this week: 1. Read through both shaping sections before starting; and 2. Keep track of the number of rows you knit straight, so both sides are even.

As always, let me know if you have any questions in the Ravelry Forum, or email me at katie@hollaknits.com. And if you haven’t stopped in over at the Rav board, come say Hi! It’s been a lot of fun chatting about everything from math to pets to designer ambitions.

Good luck, Holla Knittas!

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