In a While, Crocodile FO – Crocodile Stitch!

I love choose your own adventure style patterns, where you can do what you want to do to and customize the pattern to make it your own. I usually do this with patterns anyway! Knitting them in the round, or modifying it to where I can make it the most enjoyable knit I can.

Crocodile Stitch!

Earlier this week I showed off a finished In a While Crocodile sample sans crocodile stitch. It’s cute! It’s a totally cute pattern, relatively simple and fun. But I’m super pumped to show off this top with crocodile stitch worked into the sleeves. The stitch looks even more dramatic thanks to the slight variegation in Dirty Water DyeWorks yarn.

Crocodile Stitch

It’s pretty hot, right? This is the very last sample for the first collection, finished up just a few days before the photo shoot. I’m SO excited to get this shoot behind me so I can really start tackling the INSANE amount of stuff I need to do before the launch!

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2 responses to “In a While, Crocodile FO – Crocodile Stitch!

  1. The top looks great but I don’t quite understand whether the Crocodile Stitch shown is a knitted stitch or a crocheted stitch. Could you clarify please? Thanks so much. (You are so talented to design things to knit. I have enough trouble just following a pattern. LOL)

    • Oh no problem! The crocodile stitch is actually in crochet. The sleeve and the body of the tee is knit, and once you are finished with the knitting section you add the crocheted crocodile stitch.

      Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks so much!