KAL Week 1: Kick Off!

It’s FINALLY HERE! We’re kicking off our three month long Holla Knits Knit Along (#HKKAL to us on twitter and instagram!) today! And there are lots of knitters already sharing their project plans and yarn on the Holla Knits Ravelry Forums.


DeliriousMahmi - Deco Daisies

DeliriousMahmi – Deco Daisies

FromRaintoHope - No Gloves No Love

FromRaintoHope – No Gloves No Love

Mamatronic - County Fair Scarf

Mamatronic – County Fair Scarf

PunkRawkPookie - Deco Daisies

PunkRawkPookie – Deco Daisies

PunkRawkPookie - Pippi

PunkRawkPookie – Pippi

PunkRawkPookie - Another Pippi!

PunkRawkPookie – Another Pippi!

Cold Weather Garments

DeliriousMahmi - Jilted

DeliriousMahmi – Jilted

Fllump78 - Bombshell Shorts

Fllump78 – Bombshell Shorts

Mamatronic - Eastwood Cardigan

Mamatronic – Eastwood Cardigan

Mamatronic - Everett Henley

Mamatronic – Everett Henley

Mamatronic - Sexxxy Librarian

Mamatronic – Sexxxy Librarian

OhDoogs - Sothern

OhDoogs – Sothern

sdrank - Everett Henley

sdrank – Everett Henley

sdurank - Everett Henley swatch

sdurank – Everett Henley swatch

sewingonpins - Eastwood Cardigan

sewingonpins – Eastwood Cardigan

Warm Weather Garments

Dootsie - LadyBat

Dootsie – LadyBat

RoHart - Lady Bat

RoHart – Lady Bat

sdrank - LadyBat

sdrank – LadyBat

sdrank - Nachtfalter

sdrank – Nachtfalter

I’m so excited to follow everyone’s progress on the HKKAL Forums! Be sure to stop by and check out all the fun. With all the motivation, I’m sure there will be lots of FOs popping up every week! I’ll be sharing them here as they happen.

So what are you waiting for?! Get knitting!

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