Meeting Point KAL Week 3: Make the Back!

Despite our Meeting Points looking teeny tiny, we are halfway done with the body of the sweater!

My Meeting Point Progress

My Meeting Point Progress

My progress is looking awesome, if I do say so myself. The bright red Moroccan color is really growing on me, and this pattern is so addicting! I can’t wait to pick it up every time I get to.

Carrie's Body Progress

Carrie’s Body Progress

Things change a little bit this week – we are moving from working this pattern in the round to working the back chart back and forth. But I know you are up for it!

Sara's Body Progress

Sara’s Body Progress

This week’s Meeting Point Goal: Start and finish the Back of the sweater. So we are splitting for the sleeves and following the Back chart of this sweater to finish the Back.

First things first: divide for the sleeves. It’s not super clear how to execute this, only that it needs to be executed. We ended last week a stitch before the marker, so take some scrap yarn on your yarn needle and slip the next two stitches off your needle and onto your scrap yarn, removing your marker. Tie your scrap yarn to secure, and turn your work to get ready to work a next WS row. Follow the first row of your back chart to 1 st before your other marker, and repeat the process of moving these next two stitches to scrap yarn.

Jamie's Meeting Point progress on her headless double!

Jamie’s Meeting Point progress on her headless double!

Now you are ready to turn and work row 2 of your Back chart with your underarm stitches held and ready to be picked up later. Finish all 65 (67, 69, 69) rows  of the chart. And I know it says to leave a 6″ tail, but just to be safe leave more like a 12″ tail.

Cheryl's Meeting Point Progress

Cheryl’s Meeting Point Progress

Have fun finishing the back of your sweater this week and I can’t wait to see your net stitch grow back out! Happy knitting!

Sarah's Meeting Point

Sarah’s Meeting Point


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