Nachtfalter KAL starts next Monday! Let’s swatch!

Our Nachtfalter knitalong starts next Monday! Do you have your $3 pattern yet?

Katie's Nachtfalter Swatch

I, Katie Canavan, will be your fearless leader. Together we’ll tackle that beautiful lace pattern and have a finished sweater by July 15th!

This Week’s Nachtfalter Goal: Let’s swatch! I made two little swatches for Nachtfalter, one in Honey Bee Lace and one in the Cable Ribbing. The Honey Bee Lace is challenging, but this is a good time to practice. Designer Stefanie Pollmeier blogged some helpful hints and photos to help us easily knit that lace (Thanks, Stefanie!). I came in spot-on for stitch gauge using the recommended needles and Knit Picks Cotlin, so that’s good.

However, choosing a size was not that straight forward. Designer Stefanie Pollmeier has designed a top with a lot of positive ease. After a few questions in the Ravelry Forum, she clarified that one should choose your size based on one’s waist measurement. So check out that schematic at the end of the pattern, and choose the size with the finished measurement that’s closest to your waist measurement, if not a bit smaller. That way, the cables will be stretched tight, like pictured here.

That said, if you don’t want your sweater tight around the waist, then go for a size up!

I, personally, am a fan of negative ease, and want the bottom section tight against my middle. Therefore, I’ll be casting on a size Medium, despite my 41″ bust measurement. A quick check against the finished measurement schematic confirms that the bust will have plenty of room, and the waist will fit tight.

Let me know if you have any questions on the stitch patterns, gauge, or choosing a size here in the comments, in the Nachtfalter KAL Forum on Ravelry, or email me at

If you’re following along on Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #HKKAL. I’m katiecanavan on both, find me here and here.

And Stefanie made us this neat button, so grab one for your blog:

Holla Knits

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Good luck, Holla Knittas!

3 responses to “Nachtfalter KAL starts next Monday! Let’s swatch!

  1. Hi Katie, I have a question about measuring gauge on the baby cable rib stitch – the pattern says to measure it “relaxed”. Can you explain what that looks like? The yarn I swatched with has very good memory – if I stretch it out a bit it stays that way when I let go, or if I scrunch it up it stays scrunched up when I let go. Thanks!

    • Maybe I can answer this: It should be somewhere in between stretched and scrunched up. If you look at Katie’s swatch pic you can see that the cables aren’t quite touching each other – that’s about the amount of relaxation you’ll want for your swatch.
      Though, if your yarn doesn’t seem to hold in the ribbing at all on it’s own, you might want to join the club of the “added elastic” knitters that’s starting to form in the Holla Knits group on Ravelry. (I’ll decide if I need to once I’ve swatched with my chosen yarn for this…)
      Stefanie recently posted..FriendshipMy Profile

      • Thanks Stefanie, that helps! I’m trying to use a merino/silk blend and it’s a bit floppy. It will look awesome on the lace portion, but the ribbed part had me worried. Adding elastic sounds like a good workaround.