Nachtfalter KAL Week 3: Lace Time!

Take a look at all this ribbing!

After two weeks of knitting the Cable Rib, I think everyone is ready to move on. Everyone, that is, except Giovannina, who knit a tiny Nachtfalter for her daughter in the first two weeks, and is now joining in on the adult-sized knitting!

This Week’s Nachtfalter Goal: Begin the front and work half of the lace repeats.

This week we get to move on to the lace pattern – huzzah! There’s been talk in the forum of modifying the pattern to be knit completely in the round until separating for the sleeves, but I’ll be knitting it as written. So after changing to the larger needles (my hands are thankful!), turning the work and knitting the set-up row, I’ll knit half of the 17 lace repeats for the Large size. “Half,” for me, will be 9.

If you’re interested in knitting in the round, too, check out the forum on Ravelry, or send me an email with questions at

Happy Knitting!

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