Nachtfalter KAL Week 4: More Lace

Check out last week’s lace:

The lace pattern looks gorgeous! I found it totally addictive, and I think some of you did, too. Everyone is moving right along!

This Week’s Nachtfalter Goal: Finish the front of the sweater.

This week, knit the remainder of the lace repeats for the front of the sweater, and then finish the front with garter stitch and bind off for the neck, holding the shoulder stitches on stitch holders.

There is a small error with the stitch counts for binding off at the neck, and here is the corrected row:

“Next row (RS): K 35 (44, 45, 49, 56) sts, bind off 50 (50, 54, 58, 62) sts, k rem 34 (43, 44, 48, 55) sts.”

This is a great time to try on your sweater and see how it’s going! Hold up the top and see if you like the ease. Stefanie designed a top that’s supposed to slouch over the fitted waistband, and the two samples have different amounts of slouchy-ness. If you want less slouchy-ness (like the chartreuse sample), do fewer lace repeats. If you want more slouchy (like the blue and red sample), do more!

Post your pictures, chat and ask questions in the Ravelry Forum, or email me at

Happy Knitting!

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