Sothern Week! The Vintage Sothern

It’s Sothern week here at Holla Knits! We are going to take a closer look at this colorwork sweater with styling posts AND the sweater is 50% off this week. That’s right! Grab this super fun pattern for only $3 this week only.

From Rohn Strong: To bring this wonderful week of Sothern to a close, I thought a post on vintage fashion would be amazing! So I called up my friend Andi from Raleigh Vintage, a great locally owned company that specializes in rare and one of a kind vintage fashions! Check out her website here!

Don’t forget, this week, you can pick up Sothern for just $3.00! Thats 50% off the original price! What a great gift for yourself, your knitting friends, or your family! You can pick up Sothern here or check out the ravelry page here!

Here is Sothern, how I saw it originally, clad with vintage wears and pretties!

SothernAndi.1 SothernAndi.2 SothernAndi.3 SothernAndi.4


I hope you loved these outfits! Doesn’t adding a vintage touch add a little something to Sothern’s great style?!

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One response to “Sothern Week! The Vintage Sothern

  1. The ka-POM hat is super cute! I love hats that cover the ears for the Winter. If I were going to knit it, I’d probably make it in a bluish-purple color, a lighter purple and maybe a pinkish color. Kind of like a sunset.