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Elemental Lines Knitting Pattern by Kirsten Singer

Elemental Linens by Kirsten SingerRavelry Pattern Page When coming up with ideas for this issue, I challenged myself to come up with something I would use in my own apartment, especially since I’ve recently moved to a new place and wanted something to make More Info »
Price: $4

The Admiralty Knitting Pattern by Emily Ringelman

Adorable Ship's Helm Pillow!Ravelry Pattern Page If you ask me my favorite style of blank (clothing, home décor, vacations), I will reply “nautical” almost every time. I love navy-and-white striped shirts, boat shoes, anchors necklaces, diagrams of boats, fabric printed with whales, you More Info »
Price: $4

Movie Night Blanket Knitting Pattern by Jean Chung

Movie Night Blanket by Jean ChungRavelry Pattern Page The idea came to me when I was looking for a small blanket for TV knitting time. I also love how this project will defy the infamous "Boyfriend Sweater Curse," the urban knitting myth that once you More Info »
Price: $4

Excelsior Knitting Pattern by Allyson Dykhuizen

Excelsior by Allyson DykhuizenRavelry Pattern Page Put a little knit up on your walls with this argyle inspired diamond motif. Pick the three colors that will really pull your room together or go nuts! This little piece of art will make a great More Info »
Price: $4

What's Your Sign Knitting Pattern by Teresa Gregorio

What's Your Sign by Teresa GregorioRavelry Pattern Page Need a quick, fun, personalized gift for a friend, family member, or yourself? What’s Your Sign lets you practice your duplicate stitching while creating finished object that you can gift or show off on your own comfy couch More Info »
Price: $4

Cafe au Lait Knitting Pattern by Kirsten Singer

Cafe au Lait by Kirsten SingerRavelry Pattern Page This cardigan is an oversized cardigan worked with a fine gauge yarn on large needles in a dreamy alpaca and bamboo blended yarn for amazing drape. The bamboo keeps the piece light and airy, and the alpaca More Info »
Price: $6

Heraldry Knitting Pattern by Allyson Dykhuizen

Heraldry by Allyson DykhuizenRavelry Pattern Page We’re all a little chevron crazy these days, and why not?! The more patterns the better. Originally these little V shapes were used on badges to indicate rank on military and police uniforms. They were also used More Info »
Price: $6

Stoney Brook Top Knitting Pattern by Rusty Baker

Stoney Brook Top by Rusty BakerRavelry Pattern Page A perfect little sweater! The Stoney Brook Top is bright, airy, comfy, and stylish. It’s openwork pattern provides for plenty of “air conditioning,” so its not too hot for warmer weather, and its super easy to wear! More Info »
Price: $6

Hawt Sands Knitting Pattern by Teresa Gregorio

Hawt Sands by Teresa GregorioRavelry Pattern Page Hawt Sands is for warm-weather fun! A totally cute tunic-length vest, this knit can be paired with shorts or jeans for a casual summertime stroll, or work as a bathing suit coverup for lounging around your favourite More Info »
Price: $6

Summerhouse Henley Knitting Pattern by Jennette Cross

Summerhouse Henley by Jennette CrossRavelry Pattern Page Last summer I visited my little sister, SB (an amateur fashion maven and my muse, though she also has a responsible day job), in Washington, D.C. During one of many walks around Capitol Hill she showed me More Info »
Price: $6

Holla Knits Accessories Collection 2013: 6 Pattern Collection

You Know You Want Them All!Snag all 6 amazing pattern included in this collection of Holla Knits Accessory patterns. Patterns include, from top left to right: Chumash by Karin Wilmoth in Knits in Class, Hodgepodge Mittens by Annie Watts in Bumblebirch, KaPOM by Mari Chiba More Info »
Price: $12

Unbroken Knitting Pattern by Lee Meredith

Unbroken by Lee MeredithRavelry Pattern Page I love designing hats because there’s so much room for fun with construction and shape, as long as it fits on a head!  With this design, I wanted to keep to traditional hat shapes, but play with More Info »
Price: $4

Pippi Knitting Pattern by Emily Greene Blue

Pippi by Emily Greene BlueRavelry Pattern Page A bold accessory is the easiest way to make an outfit pop. Looking for something to put a jolt in your cold weather wardrobe? Enter, Pippi! Pippi is a cabled scarf that knits up quickly in one More Info »
Price: $4

No Glove(s) No Love Knitting Pattern by Claire Sandow

No Glove(s) No Love by Claire SandowRavelry Pattern Page I'm a sucker for vintage things; this pattern came from my fascination with the vintage driving glove. I've always thought they were so cute, and I loved the idea of knitting one with a cutout that wasn't More Info »
Price: $4

Ka-POM Hat Knitting Pattern by Mari Chiba

KaPOM Hat by Mari ChibaRavelry Pattern Page This hat was inspired by the fun, bright colors of Baah! Yarns. I first had the idea when playing with the yarns and swatching various stitch patterns. I love this fun bonnet style hat. I think it's More Info »
Price: $4

Hodgepodge Mittens Knitting Pattern by Annie Watts

Hodgepodge Mittens by Annie Watts in Knit Picks PaletteRavelry Pattern Page Mittens are not meant to be taken seriously, nor are they expected to be. Mittens to me are all about fun. But fun and functional can go hand in hand! Hodgepodge mittens are supposed to add a pop More Info »
Price: $4

Chumash Cowl Knitting Pattern by Karin Wilmoth

In worsted weight yarn, the cowl is a little smaller and more manageable!Ravelry Pattern Page  In the remote regions of the Los Padres National Forest, thousands year old art galleries hide in sandstone caves and overhangs. The rock art of the Chumash indians range from simple geometric designs - lines, circles, cross-hatching More Info »
Price: $4

Fall/Winter 2013 6-Pattern Collection

HKFallWinterSnag all 6 sweater patterns in this collection! Patterns include, from top left to right: Eastwood Cardigan by Allyson Dykhuizen, Everett Henley by Emily Ringelman, The Crash by Sarah Hurwitz. Bottom left to right: Sothern by Rohn Strong, Plaidscape by More Info »
Price: $18

Eastwood Cardigan Knitting Pattern by Allyson Dykhuizen

Eastwood Cardigan in size 36", with a nearly perfect fit.Ravelry Pattern Page When I sat down to design Eastwood Cardigan, I wanted to make the perfect go to fall cardigan - easy to throw on over anything, flattering but kinda oversized, sweater-y and jacket-y. With POCKETS, of course! And More Info »
Price: $6

Everett Henley Knitting Pattern by Emily Ringelman

Everett Henley in size 32" with about 3" of negative ease.Ravelry Pattern Page Like most girls I know, I wear flip-flops before it’s warm enough and sweaters before it’s cold enough, because I’m always antsy for the next season to start, even though we’re not done with the current one. The Everett More Info »
Price: $6