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Holla Knit KAL Week 8: The End is Near

Last week you had a little time to catch up, and now we’ve got something that looks like a tank! Which is exciting, since we’ve got quite a few prizes for those of you who finish by end of this week.

This Week’s Holla Back Tank Goal: Finish your tank, including edgings around the neck and sleeves, and the band along the bottom.

This week we’ll completely finish our tanks. The edgings around the neck and sleeves are not only pretty to look at, they also reinforce a stretchy neckline. A few of us in the forum have said that the neckline is a bit low for our tastes, and your edging can help bring it in a bit. Just pick up a few less stitches for a tighter neckline, or K2Tog on row two in the corners to tighten it up.

With the bottom band, you have decisions to make. Pick up one stitch for every row for a loose band, or skip every 4th stitch for a tighter band, making the tank look a bit more blouse-y (I’m going for this style). If you think your tank could use a little more length, you can easily add some here. Cast on 14 stitches as written and you’ll add about 2.5″ to the bottom, so cast on more or less as desired.

Now this is important:

If you finish your tank by the original deadline – Midnight on Sunday, October 14th – you will be entered to win as per usual. However, only one person will win on Monday, October 15th, and that person will get to choose their prize (full list here). Whoohoo!

But if you need a bit more time, we’ll have a second deadline – Midnight on Sunday, October 21st – and anyone who finishes by then will be entered to win the remaining prizes. I’ll choose randomly and announce those winners on Monday, October 22nd.

For both giveaways, just post your picture in the Finished Holla Back Tanks thread. This way we can include as many of you as possible in the giveaway, and also give you enough time to finish those tanks.

I can’t wait to see your finished tanks!

Good luck, Holla Knittas!

Holla Knits KAL Week 6: Finish. That. Back.

The lace pattern on the Holla Back Tank is lookin’ hot! We’re almost done….

This Week’s Holla Back Tank Goal: Finish the lacy back of the tank.

We’re like Little Engines That Could this week – chugging through to the finish line!  Keep up on that lace pattern (I’m still using a row counter), but add the decreases for the armholes. I’m going to use a Post-It on my pattern to mark where I am in the decreases, and hopefully it’ll go smoothly.

Remember while decreasing into the lace pattern, every YO has a corresponding K2Tog or SSK, and you shouldn’t do one without the other. (I may have knit ahead and already had to rip back a row because I made this mistake!)

Hop over to the forum to ask questions, or shoot me an email at katie@hollaknits.com.

Good luck, Holla Knittas!

Holla Knits KAL Week 5: A little more (Holla) Back

Whoohoo! We’ve had a lot of fun over the last week figuring out the lace pattern on the back of our Holla Back Tanks. Over in the forum there’s lots of talk of subbing in different lace patterns, with great results!

This Week’s Holla Back Tank Goal: Continue knitting the lacy back until the armhole shaping.

Much like last week, this week is a mirror of Week 2. Continue working the back until the “Armhole Shaping” section, so you’ll have 14″ or 15″ of work depending on the size you’re knitting. If you added length to the front of the tank, then make sure to add that in here as well.

Aaaaand the winner of our Mid-KAL Giveaway is knitterlisa! I’ll be in contact to schedule our Skype class.

Good luck, Holla Knittas!