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Before Their Time Sale 2012: Jilted Then and Now by Jennifer Dassau

Designer Jennifer in her Jilted

Designer Jennifer in her Jilted

This week we’re featuring two patterns from 2012 that were hot then and just as hot today. Today we’ve got a guest post from designer Jennifer Dassau of The Knitting Vortex, who takes a look at her Jilted, then and now.

From Jennifer: As Jilted approaches its fourth anniversary, I found the time was right for me to reserve it a place in my personal wardrobe reevaluation program. You know, where you pull out an older piece and try it on with all the new stuff you’ve acquired since then; see if it works with the new jeans style, your current haircut, or your unforeseen urge to purge everything of a certain color out of your closet.

Recently I subjected Jilted to this test, and it performed amazingly. At the most elemental level, it’s a simple topdown raglan, with clean lines and smooth untextured fabric – so really it can go with anything and not compete. I’m finding the uncomplicated vibe of it very modern. The neckline is wide enough to layer successfully over a collar, or over a tank with a casual bit of strap peeking out; the 2-row purl neck edging can be encouraged to roll ever so slightly for an undone look that goes with beach hair and not-trying-too-hard.

The dropped stitch columns on the front and sleeves provide just enough visual interest – and knitting fun! – to make you that girl with style, and maybe just the hint of an edge . . . but not so much that you’re scary or in danger of getting snagged on something. My teenage daughter has recently taught me how to do a deep smokey eye, and Jilted stands up to that just as well as pairing with a tinted lipbalm plus sunscreen, natural face.

Jilted has always been a bit of a Janus, with two potential fit personalities depending upon how you choose your sizing. I still am a fan of the original design concept, which was slouchy, boxy and cropped. How many boxy sweaters have we seen in the last four years? It’s a huge design trend that keeps going strong, as we embrace our millennial casual lifestyles. The thing I like about Jilted that’s different than the (many!) other boxy tops I have, is the wide rib hem and cuff that change up the usual silhouette – can you say high-waisted jeans? Or bodycon skirt? I love the juxtaposition of loose and slouchy at the top with a fitted and slinky hip.

A lot of knitters have embraced Jilted’s other personality, as a very versatile, more traditionally fitted sweater, by making a size with no ease. By reducing the boxyness but keeping a cropped sleeve and length to the high hip, you have a modern sweatshirt fit (so popular!) that’s nice enough to go to the office or out for drinks. Someone might even choose this sort of style to wear in her video podcast!

Knit Picks Capretta - Shop Now!

Knit Picks Capretta – Shop Now!

In terms of materials, the suggested MCN fingering weight yarn remains an excellent choice – just enough softness so that the sweater feels and looks great on the body. My sample was knit in the now-discontinued super bright Fairy Tale colorway, but Knit Picks Capretta currently is offered in both burgundy Wine and Regal purple colors that play on Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala. Capretta also has an array of other deep saturated colors that appeal, like blues, woodsy greens and earthy browns. Allyson’s sample is in indie hand-dyed grey, always a fabulous choice; specific indie yarns like the Roman Hills Gissing may be hard to find sometimes, but with so many lovely dyers out there, there are myriad choices. Jilted’s simple style makes it extremely suitable for a lovely tonal or semi-solid indie yarn, and we all continue to adore those.

I love it when a handknit is a longterm success, and I’m delighted to report that my Jilted is is as fresh as ever, fitting in nicely in my updated closet. After this investigation, I decided there was no reason to wait until fall to wear it again, so it became the perfect light layer to wear out to this year’s fireworks.


A big thank you to Jennifer for guest posting for us today! And remember you’ve got until Sunday at midnight to snag Jilted for only $4. 

Before Their Time Sale 2012: Jilted

This week we’re featuring two patterns from 2012 that were hot then and just as hot today. First up we’ll take a closer look at Jilted by Jennifer Dassau!

Jilted by Jennifer Dassau

Jilted by Jennifer Dassau

Jilted, dropped, fallen…

She may have been left ignominiously by that worthless boyfriend, but that just means her spirit is free. No more quiet evenings in, no more covered-up turtlenecks; she’s going out, and she’s going to wear something touchable and revealing, something imperfect and undone. And it’s going to be eye-catching, just like she is. Jilted is a very simple, wide-neck blouson with a column of dropped stitches placed on each arm and asymmetrically on the front.

Jilted! Perfect in a Bold or Neutral

Jilted! Perfect in a Bold or Neutral

Download now for only $4!

Knit seamlessly from the top down with raglan shaping, the boxy fit hits at high hip with a wide rib hem, which echoes the rib cuffs on three-quarter length sleeves. With a simple purl neckline and stockinette body, the focus is on the dropped stitches, which are set up at the beginning and dropped almost at the end. There is no body and minimal sleeve shaping; instead the cuffs and hem are knit in rib on smaller needles, creating the generous sleeves and body. Dressed up or down, Jilted is a simple sweater with a surprise – just like the girl wearing it.

Tons of Beautiful Sweaters!

Tons of Beautiful Sweaters!

Once you grab your pattern for $4, be sure to head over to ravelry and take a look at all the beautiful sweaters people have knit to help pick your perfect color!

Jilted is on sale until Sunday July 19th at midnight. Don’t miss out!

Before Their Time Sale 2012: Jilted & Romp Around the Clock

Before Their Time Sale: 2012!

Jilted by Jennifer Dassau & Romp Around the Clock by Lily Ubbelohde

Jilted by Jennifer Dassau & Romp Around the Clock by Lily Ubbelohde

Jilted & Romp Around the clock

In the first year Holla Knits existed I published a ton of amazing patterns. They were very hot then but they’re maybe even more fashionable now! This week we’ll be looking at Romp Around the Clock and Jilted, and snag each pattern for only $4!

Only $4 This Week!

Only $4 This Week!

Lily Ubbelohde’s Romp Around the Clock, a super customizable knit romper, is absolutely more in today than it was when it debuted 3 years ago.

And Jennifer Dassau’s Jilted, with it’s dropped stitches, dolman sleeves, and even cropped body length, was a very popular pattern in 2012 that continued to be knit and loved as the Holla Knits audience grew.

This week we’re celebrating these before their time patterns with a sale! Snag each pattern for only $4. These styles are surely here to stay so buy now, knit soon, and wear forever!