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Nachtfalter KAL FO’s!

Check out these beautiful FO’s!

We had a total of 13 finished Nachtfalters! So many fun iterations of this pattern – knitters played with colors, used varigated yarns, and even color blocked the lace section. Gorgeous.

But about those prizes…

  1. A Holla Knits yearly subscription – Winner MAMATRONIC
  2. Marching Band knitting pattern by Stefanie Pollmeier – Winner DCMO
  3. The Holla Knits Spring/Summer Collection – Winner NKFOSTER21
  4. One of your KAL host Katie Canavan’s patterns of your choosing – Winner CAITLING1212
  5. Yarn Prize Pack – Winner SIXCRAFTSUNDER

Congrats to the winners! And to everyone who finished. If you’re still chugging along on your Nachtfalter, don’t worry – we’ll still be checking in on the forum on Ravelry, so don’t hesitate to post questions!

Happy Knitting!

Nachtfalter KAL Week 6: Finish Your Sweater!

Everyone is slowly inching toward the finishing line…

This Week’s Nachtfalter Goal: Finish the back, seam up the sides and shoulders, weave in all the ends and FINISH your sweater!

Just like Week 4, finish the back of the sweater. Then seam up the sides of your sweater, and use 3-needle bind off to finish the shoulder seams. There’s been some talk in the forum about how to seam the sides, so I worked ahead so I could get some pictures of my finished seams:

Nachtfalter Crochet Seam

I used a single crochet to join my seams, so it would nicely match the 3-needle bind-off at the shoulders. I did one single crochet for every row of knitting, using the tiniest crochet hook I own.

Underside of Nachtfalter Crochet Seam

I think it turned out nice and neat! You could also use a whipstitch or a backstitch to seam the sides.

Once you’ve finished, post a photo of your sweater in the Finished Nachtfalters forum. If you post your picture by the 22nd (a whole two weeks to finish!), you’ll be entered to win one of our fabulous prizes!

Happy Knitting!

Nachtfalter KAL Week 5: To the Back!

We finished the front – Huzzah!

I don’t know about your part of the world, but here in Southern California, it’s heating up – triple digits! Despite the summer heat, the Nachtfalter knitters are powering through!

This Week’s Nachtfalter Goal: Begin the back, and knit half of the lace repeats.

This week is the mirror of Week 3. We’ll pick up where we left off on the back of the sweater, and knit half of the repeats of lace. Since I only ended up with 16 repeats for the front, I’ll knit 8 this week. By now everyone is an old pro at the lace pattern, so this week should be quick and easy!

If you have questions, email me at katie@hollaknits.com, or check in on the Ravelry Forum.

Happy Knitting!