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Scallop of the Sea Strap

While clutches are awesomely cute and I always imagine myself wearing them and looking totally hot, it just never happens. I get annoyed holding it halfway through the night and stupidly end up abandoning it to sit unwatched at my seat or table, and just hope it doesn’t get stolen.

Braided Strap for Scallop of the Sea

So I came up with a fun braided double stranded strap to attach to my Scallop of the Sea clutch! In case you also have a problem with using clutches, I thought I’d share.

36″ Double Braided Strap

I wanted a 36″ strap – long enough to wear cross body, but short enough so that I could wear it over one shoulder as well. You can adjust the length of the strap by adding or subtracting inches from the lengths of your yarn strands.

Braided and Ready to Go!

1) Cut 9 90″ strands of yarn for both colors – 18 strands total.

2) Tie the ends together in a knot at one end. Divide the 18 strands up into 3 sections of 3 strandes of each color.

3) Braid neatly!

4) Secure the other end by making a knot, and trim the ends.

Strap Attached!

5) Fold the strap in half and, with a needle and thread, sew the folded end to the top of the fold of your bag on one side, and sew the knotted ends together to the top of the fold of your bag on the other side.

Fun right?! I can’t wait to see your straps!

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The Finish Line: Scallop of the Sea Week 4!

The end is in sight!

This Week’s Goal: Finish those bags! If you’re behind on the knitting portion, no worries–we’ll be happy to cheer you on in the Ravelry forum. Seam the bottom if you haven’t already and head on over to Katie’s excellent photo tutorial to learn how to put together the lining!

Buckle down and keep your eye on the prize, since we’ve got great prizes up for grabs! Post a picture of your finished clutch to Ravelry or send it to me (welforddesigns@gmail.com) before next Monday, December 17th, to qualify.

Good luck Holla knittas! Can’t wait to see you all rocking your bags!

Scallop of the Sea Zipper Lining Tutorial

Katie Canavan has helpfully provided this great photo tutorial to walk you through the lining of your Scallop of the Sea–thanks Katie! Read on to learn how to sew like a pro.

You may be asking yourself, “Why would Katie do this to us – why would she MAKE US SEW?!” I know a lot of knitters avoid sewing like the plague, but I promise you, for accessories like bags, a sewn lining will take your project to the next level and make it last that much longer.

So stick with me, and you’ll have an awesome, lined bag in no time!

First of all, select your materials:

1. Two rectangles of woven lining fabric* – 18” by 13.5” – iron these before cutting
2. One rectangle of pocket fabric – 11.5” by 7.5” – iron this before cutting
3. Two rectangles of medium to heavy -weight interfacing for lining – 11.5” by 13.5” – don’t iron this one, it’ll get stuck to the ironing board
4. One rectangle of lightweight interfacing for pocket – 11.5” by 7.5”
5. Thread to match
6. Zipper to match
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