Umbre Lovre – Polyvore

This Umbre Lovre polyvore-izing is allowing me to live out a dream of mine I haven’t yet been able to make a reality – owning pink skinny jeans. I got this idea in my head last summer and haven’t been able to get it out, but also have done nothing to get myself some pink skinny jeans, either. I’ve tried a couple pairs on and nothing looked good, but that was before the whole colored jeans trend took off. I’m sure I’d be able to find them now, but just haven’t pulled the trigger.

Umbre Lovre

But if anything is going to motivate me to start an earnest search for them it’s my styling of Umbre Lovre here. I love this oversize tee with skinny jeans, easy flats, and a very wearable-in-public jersey bra in a color similar to the Umbre Lovre. Nobody thinks twice about seeing a bra strap if it doesn’t look like an accident.

And isn’t that bag adorable? I couldn’t help myself!

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