Wallpaper Cowl KAL Week 1: Cast On!

Ready to kick your Holiday Knitting into gear? Let’s cast on our Wallpaper Cowls!

This Week’s Goal: Cast on and work ribbing, Latvian Braid, and first 5 rows of Colorwork Chart.

This week we’ll start our cowls, knit the ribbing, and then conquer the Latvian Braid. I was unfamiliar with Latvian Braid before I saw the Wallpaper Cowl, and I just love the look, but totally thought it would be complicated and fussy to knit. Wrong!

Designer Emma Welford (and Webs) made us this video to prove how easy-peasy it is to knit a Latvian Braid. Thanks, Emma!

After we knit the braid, set up your colorwork and knit the first 5 rows of the chart. We’ll be done with this cowl in no time!

Join us in the Ravelry Forum (lots of pictures and chat!), or email me questions at katie@hollaknits.com. Get knittin’, Holla Knittas!

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